Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mummies New Year!

Dave, Pippin and Barry will be playing with the Ululating Mummies @ Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden on New Years Eve Day, Dec. 31. The event starts @ 2 PM. The other mummies' on this gig will be Danny Finney, Robbie Kinter, Stephen Williams and Paul Watson.

The event is included with garden admission fee and includes the Garden Festival of Lights.

Rehearsals have been jocular, boisterous and full of buffoonery. It's great to reconnect with band members for this annual event. In the coming year we hope to perform more often. Look for us @ Balliceaux in February.

Also Danny and Robbie will be playing with Rattlemouth @ The Nile New Years Eve beginning @ 10 PM.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Listening Room

POSTER: Graham Neal

Happy Lucky performs this coming Tuesday, October 19, 2010, at The Listening Room, 1133 W. Franklin St. Richmond VA. Click HERE for a map.

Parking is available on the street and there is a parking lot just east of The Listening Room on the right and a parking deck on the left.

Doors open at 7:30 and the show begins at 8:00 sharp. There are three bands and we are playing last. The first two bands are Exebelle and the Rusted Calvacade and River City Band. We should begin our set at about 9:15.

Admission is free. There is coffee, tea and pastries courtesy of Kendra of Ipanema and Williams Bakery. Donations are welcomed.

Click HERE for The Listening Room Facebook page.

Click HERE for The Listening Room, Volume XII Facebook page.

Monday, September 20, 2010

And The Wiremen

Click on photo to enlarge

First of all, before I tell you about And The Wiremen, we really enjoyed performing for everyone at Ellwood's Cafe last Friday. Special thanks to our guests Emily and Khalima and to Ellwood's for having us.

There were lot's of jokes about all the paparazzi present. One of them, Otway, put together the piquant photo above which he calls "The Press Corps". I don't think I've been part of an event that was so well documented! I guess we have Khalima to thank for that. For more videos and photos visit our Facebook page. Click HERE. You'll find Otway's blog there as well as photos by Charles Sugg, Heather Addley, Arthur Stephens and a video by Doug Hayes.

Karen Sokhol, accordion player and writter was present and included us in her blog Accordion to Karen. Click HERE.

Onward... I know this is short notice but Pippin is performing with And the Wireman at The Listening Room, Tuesday, Sept. 21 , 7:30 till 10:30 PM. Also performing will be Paul Watson and former Richmond resident Blasco. Click HERE for more info.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're Back!

photo:Heather Addley

Happy Lucky will perform @ Ellwoods Cafe on Friday, Sept. 17 from 8 - 10 PM. Oriental dancer Khalima will be our guest. It is also rumored that Emily Avesian (photo right) will be playing with us. Admission is free.

It's good to be back. Look for us at Ellwoods Cafe, O'Toole's Pub and Crossroads Coffee...

Also this Thursday, Sept. 16, from 9-10 PM we will be part of the MUSICIRCUS (photo right) @ the Visual Arts Center, 1812 W. Main St. This event is organized anually by Brian Jones and is inspired by a concept created by John Cage, in which a whole bunch of musicians play music simultaneously in the same space. If last year is any indication it is sure to be a boistrous, cacaphonous hullabaloo!

We continue working on our upcoming CD "Lucky Buddha". It should be available sometime this Fall. Stephen Williams and John Winn (photos right) have both come into Pippin's studio to help out.

I (Barry) performed solo on the street and loved it. Dave just got a battery powered amp for his bass... so look for the trio on the street...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out to Lunch

Happy Lucky is "out to lunch" until the middle of August. During this time we will be working on our new recording Lucky Buddha, which will be available in the Fall. This will be the second in our series of CD's with collage art by Jennifer Watson.

It has been fun seeing everyone at the Farmers Market when we play at The Cossroadster. We'll return in August.

It' been a pleasure meeting and working with Khalima.(photo right)

And it's been gratifying to ride around town and hear our CD Carnival of Sound played on
WRIR. Last month we made their top ten list of most played World Music. Thank you WRIR. Click HERE for list. It's humbling to be in the company of the other musicians on this list.

Also thank you to
Style and Richmond Magazine for favorable mentions this month.

See y'all in August. Hopefully the well stays capped and we get some more rain...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ellwood's Coffee/ Lewis Ginter

Happy Lucky plays twice this week. Saturday evening, July 3, from 8 - 10pm we perform @ Ellwoods Coffee with our friend Khalima. She puts on a great oriental dance floor show!

Remember Ellwood's doesn't serve just coffee but wine, beer and food too. Click HERE for menu.

On Sunday July 4th we will be @ Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens from 1:30 - 3:30pm. The Fourth of July event is from 1-4pm and admission to the garden is free. We play down near the water park and the tree house, so you might want to bring a swim suit.

The Crossroadster and Happy Lucky are taking a break from the Forest Hill Market for a week or two.

Friday, June 18, 2010

at the Crossroadster

Happy Lucky will be back at The Forest Hill Market Saturday June 19, from 10 - 12 noon. Look for us at the Crossroadster (photo right). Karen Sokohl (above) will come by and play a couple of tunes with us at 11. She is an accordion student and needs some experience playing in public. We'll be there to catch you if you fall Karen!

Great show with Khalima (photo right) at The Republic last week. For some video that Doug Hayes shot, click HERE. She will be dancing with us at Ellwoods Coffee July 3rd, 8 - 10 PM.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Khalima and Happy Lucky

video: Doug Hayes

Khalima has invited Happy Lucky to be part of her show @ The Republic this Sunday, June 13, 8 - 10 PM. Admission is free. Here is the link to the Facebook page:

We will not be at The Crossroadster/Forest Hill Market this Saturday, but hope to return on June 19th.

Otway Chalkley made some fun and wonderful photo collages from our performance at the Crossroadster last week. You can see them on The Otway Blog (click).

Friday, June 4, 2010

Market Party

The Happy Lucky Combo will be back @ The Crossroadster in the Forest Hill Park Market this Saturday from 10 am till noon. We are under a tent where you can enjoy Kirsten's (above) homemade cinnimon buns and coffee from the Crossroadster (photo right). Kirsten and Ted also serve yummy vegetarian gyros and the Crossroadster has all kinds of drinks.

Also at 11 am we are expecting a visit from belly dancer Khalima (photo right). We'll do a number with her to get ready for our up coming show at The Republic June13.

We will also have our new CD available.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The Happy Lucky Combo will be making merry again at the Crossroadster Cafe on Saturday, May 30, from 10:00 am till noon at the Forest Hill Park Market.

To quote Style reviewer Deveron Timberlake "two thirds of the Happy Lucky Combo held forth on accordion and drums...setting a convivial tone."

This week Dave will join us on bass. And there is talk of Carter coming by for some double bass fun. If Carter comes by you'll get to hear some of Dave's ukulele playing!

So come on by for some coffee, food and scrumptious cinnamon buns made by Kirsten Perkinson. There is a canopy, chairs, tables and of course, conviviality!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CD, Balliceaux, WRIR

The CD, "Carnival of Sound", has arrived and is available at Crossroads Coffee Southside. It's $5.

We perform live on WRIR radio, tonight, Friday April 23 from 5:30 till 6:30 on Bill Lupoletti's show Global A Go Go. We will be joined by Jonathan Greenberg, trumpet and Bob Jacobs, accordion.

We perform at Balliceaux, tonight, April 23 starting at 11:00 pm. We will be joined by Jonathan Greenberg, tumpet and John Winn, clarinet, bass clarinet and soprano sax. It will be a grand affair!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Lucky Carnival of Sound

The Happy Lucky Combo will celebrate the completion of our new EP, "Carnival of Sound" at Balliceaux, on Friday, April 23 at 11pm. We will be joined by Jonathan Greenberg trumpet and John Winn clarinet.

Earlier that evening at 5:30pm, we will be on Bill Lupoletti's WRIR radio show Global A Go Go. We will be joined there by Bob Jacobs accordion and Jonathan Greenberg.

"Carnival of Sound" is the first in a series of recordings. It will be available for $5 at Crossroads Coffee Southside on Wed. April 21st. Swap 'em, trade 'em, be the first to collect them all!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Carnival of Sound", Balliceaux, WRIR

FINALLY!!! Our 1st EP "Carnival of Sound" will be available April 23rd. It is the first in a series. Each EP is themed with a collage by Jennifer Watson. And only $5. "Carnival of Sound" will be available at Crossroads Coffee southside.

And we're having a big party on April 23rd. In the early evening we will be on Global A Go Go with Bill Lupolleti as part of the WRIR fund raising party. That's from 5:30 till 6:30 PM. We will be joined by Jonathan Greenberg trumpet and Bob Jacobs accordion. Unfortunately, for us, Nick Lewis and Emily Avesian who are on "Carnival of Sound" are playing an opera that night.

Later that night we will celebrate @ Balliceaux @ 11:00 PM. There we will be joined by John Winn. I don't say this often, but you really don't want to miss this!

I'm sorry to report that we are taking a break from O'Toole's until summer. We'll see you there, then!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

O'Toole's, a House Party and The Faith Tones

above House Party!

The Happy Lucky Combo is back at O'Toole's this Wednesday, March 24 from 8 - 10:30 PM. Emily Avesian (right) will be there with us. Other expected guests are Bob Jacobs, accordion (right) and Jeff Adams, tenor (right).

We play at O'Toole's every 2nd and 4th Wed. The 2nd Wed. of this month we had to cancel. But
Karen Weatherspoon Sokohl (photo above) and Cassandra Cossitt brought a lot of people to come hear us. So that Friday they got everyone together and we played at Karen's house. What a wild house party that turned out to be! See our Facebook page for more photos.

Mazel tov Noah Kim! We enjoyed playing Hava Nagila a million times really loud and fast at your Bar Mitzvah. If anyone has photos send them our way.

Our CD
"Carnival of Sound" goes to press on Monday! It will be available in April.

Also in April we play at
Balliceaux on Friday the 23rd @ 11 pm. Earlier that evening we play at WRIR on Bill Lupoletti's show Global A Go-Go.

Also thank you Stephen Williams for designing the Faith Tones album cover to the right!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest, Bob Jacobs

The Happy Lucky Combo will play @ O'Toole's this Wednesday, February 24, from 8 - 10:30 pm. Our guest will be Bob Jacobs (above). Admission is free.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Well Groomed and Perfumed

The Happy Lucky Combo, with Emily Avesian, will perform at Ellwood's Coffee this Saturday, February 13, from 7 until 9 pm. This is Valentines Day Eve, so we will be well groomed and perfumed. And we'll be playing our romantic love songs, for you, our beloved audience.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

O'Toole's, Ellwood's, Danny Boy

The Happy Lucky Combo is back at O'Toole's this Wednesday. See poster above. Friend Emily Avesian will be there, with her brand spakin' new clarinet.

We will also be at Ellwoods Coffee this coming Saturday, February 13, from 7 till 9 PM.

Admission is free to both events.

The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra submitted their version of Danny Boy for the WCVE Danny Boy Project. Click HERE to hear our submission.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emily's Back!

The Happy Lucky Combo performs @ O'Toole's this Wednesday from 8:00 till 10:30 PM. Emily Avesian will be joining us on baritone sax, and this time she's bringing her clarinet too! Admission is free.

Our CD is so close to completion you can almost hear it. And I don't mean metaphorically.

Pippin and I have been busy with the Gourd Orchestra working on a version of Danny Boy for the WCVE Danny Boy Project.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I recieved the letter below from our friends at the Highland Support Project, Guadalupe Ramerez and Ben Blevins. I found it helpful and wanted to pass it along. I posted the Maya Deren video above, of the Haitian countryside and religous ceremonies.

We all want to help the people of Haiti as they deal with the horrific consequences of yesterday’s earthquake. While HSP isn’t capable of doing emergency relief work outside of Guatemala, we can recommend good folks who do, that you can donate to. Personally, I’ll be donating through Oxfam to help provide immediate emergency assistance.

HSP’s sister nonprofit in Guatemala, AMA (Asociacion de Mujeres del Altiplano), is also planning to donate funds as an organization. The impoverished Mayan women in AMA’s women’s circles plan to raise $250 for women and families in Haiti by the end of this week. These AMA women and their families live on an average of $300 a year, less than $1 a day, making their donation all the more meaningful.

AMA's intentions remind us of the parable of the Widow’s Gift (Mark 12:41-43), in which a poor widow gives her last two copper coins, and thus the greatest gift of all – all she has. AMA will be making their donation through Rights Action, an organization that supports grassroots humanitarian organizing internationally.

Give Now to these HSP recommended organizations

Oxfam has long experience in Haiti and is rushing in teams from around the region to respond to the situation where our assistance is most needed.

Rights Action funds and works with community development, environmental justice, human rights and disaster relief organizations in Guatemala and Honduras, and also in El Salvador, Haiti, Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Direct Relief has an ongoing "Emergency Pre-Positioning Program" and a program in Haiti that stages essential medical materials on site with key partners for immediate use in emergency situations

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Southside Style

Thank you to everyone who came to hear The Ululating Mummies at the Blue Moon New Years Concert (photo above). Great crowd. Great fun. The Mummies hope to play more often in the coming year.

The Happy Lucky Combo plays at O'Toole's this Wednesday, January 13, from 8:00 till 10:30 PM. We have a busy season planned with another Yiddish Cabaret coming up, a Valentines' Eve concert and the release of our CD "Carnival of Sound". But this Wednesday we're going to start out slow, try out some new tunes, and drink some Legend Brown Ale. You know... Southside Style.