Thursday, May 27, 2010


The Happy Lucky Combo will be making merry again at the Crossroadster Cafe on Saturday, May 30, from 10:00 am till noon at the Forest Hill Park Market.

To quote Style reviewer Deveron Timberlake "two thirds of the Happy Lucky Combo held forth on accordion and drums...setting a convivial tone."

This week Dave will join us on bass. And there is talk of Carter coming by for some double bass fun. If Carter comes by you'll get to hear some of Dave's ukulele playing!

So come on by for some coffee, food and scrumptious cinnamon buns made by Kirsten Perkinson. There is a canopy, chairs, tables and of course, conviviality!


  1. Will there be anything happening in the key of D, A, or their convivial minors? I still want to try my pennywhistle some time.

  2. mmmm... nothing planned in those keys, maybe we can work something out... now if you had an Eb or Bb I think we'd be in business...

  3. So if Dave's there, you'll have three thirds, but then Carter would make four thirds, and things could get messy.