Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Video, an Auction, and Dueling Accordions

Dave arranged the Happy Lucky Combo song, Yemaya, for 150 music students from Midlothian Middle School and James River High School. See video above.

The HaPpY LuCkY CoMbO is back at O'Toole's this Wednesday, November 11th, from 8:00 until 10:30 PM. Our guest this week will be accordionista Bob Jacobs (photo right). Dueling Accordions!

Last week we had a delicious time "cooking with Carter" (photo right) and, as if on cue, Nicholas Lewis (photo right) came by and offered up dessert. And it was yummy! I went by O'Toole's today and the cook wants more! (for real)

As of the publishing of this blog, I can only say that it is rumored, that this week we will have a visit from Nick. 

Upcoming events include a Thanksgiving Eve airing of the Virginia Arts and Letters Live performance, of which we were a part, and a Dec. 12 performance at Ellwoods Coffee. And the inevetable release (escape?) of our CD.

Also, Pippin is perorming with And the Wiremen on Thursday November 12, 8:30 PM @ Balliceaux, 203 N. Lombardy St. ( the old Bogarts). Pippin's been working hard in preparation and says it's been challenging learning the new rhythyms he describes as Brazilian-like. Local musician Paul Watson is a member of this group that is based in NYC.

We've volunteered to be part of the Patrick Henry Charter School auction by offering to have our musical services put up for bid. This is an on-line auction. Hint, we're perfect for a holiday party.