Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out to Lunch

Happy Lucky is "out to lunch" until the middle of August. During this time we will be working on our new recording Lucky Buddha, which will be available in the Fall. This will be the second in our series of CD's with collage art by Jennifer Watson.

It has been fun seeing everyone at the Farmers Market when we play at The Cossroadster. We'll return in August.

It' been a pleasure meeting and working with Khalima.(photo right)

And it's been gratifying to ride around town and hear our CD Carnival of Sound played on
WRIR. Last month we made their top ten list of most played World Music. Thank you WRIR. Click HERE for list. It's humbling to be in the company of the other musicians on this list.

Also thank you to
Style and Richmond Magazine for favorable mentions this month.

See y'all in August. Hopefully the well stays capped and we get some more rain...


  1. Aye! And it's been excellent working with you all as well. I'm looking forward to future collaboration for sure. :D

  2. I went to buy a cd on Saturday at Crossroads and they were out! I had to travel to Once Upon a Vine and they still had a few....Can't wait for the new one!


  3. Nice pictures of Jennifer in yesterday's T-D!

  4. happy vacation Barry! we still have some copies of CD at the shop if anyone needs one...and if you don't have it yet, you NEED it!:-) house of lukaya 1717 east main street!