Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Lucky Crosses the River

Poster says it all. We'll be smuggling some of our new CD's to North Side if we don't get stopped at Customs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lucky Buddha

cover art Jennifer Watson

"Lucky Buddah" has been completed and is available exclusively @ Crossroads Coffee, South Side, Richmond VA, USA.  $5.
It is the second in a five part series of recordings that started with "Carnival of Sound", which is also available there.

Here's Bill Lupoletti's review from his Global A Go-Go Blog

Richmond’s Happy Lucky Combo is a think-globally, act-locally trio that started as a street band.  Nowadays drummer Pippin Barnett usually sits behind a full kit rather than marching with a snare, and bassist Dave Yohe plays an instrument that’s uniquely ill-equipped to be portable; accordionist Barry Bless continues to be fully mobile. After years of gigging all over town, the band has gotten serious about producing recorded documents (this is the second in a planned series of five releases) of their unique blend of klezmer, tango, zydeco, oriental music, blues, jazz and all the other musical ideas bouncing around in their heads.  This time the focus is on their oriental side: track 1 is Happy Lucky’s take on Martin Denny-style exotica, and 6 is a stately Japanese melody with a spaghetti-western twist.  Track 2 re-examines the band’s fascination with klezmer, and perhaps best of all is 7: imagine Astor Piazzolla’s nuevo tango and French musette set to a funky shuffle rhythm.  Guests include some of Richmond’s finest open-minded musicians: Antonia Begonia (track 1), John Winn (2), Emily Avesian (5), Stephen Williams (6), Bob Jacobs (7) and Paul Watson (9). 
TOP TRACKS:    1    2    6    7
ALSO RECOMMENDED:    3    5    9