Monday, September 20, 2010

And The Wiremen

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First of all, before I tell you about And The Wiremen, we really enjoyed performing for everyone at Ellwood's Cafe last Friday. Special thanks to our guests Emily and Khalima and to Ellwood's for having us.

There were lot's of jokes about all the paparazzi present. One of them, Otway, put together the piquant photo above which he calls "The Press Corps". I don't think I've been part of an event that was so well documented! I guess we have Khalima to thank for that. For more videos and photos visit our Facebook page. Click HERE. You'll find Otway's blog there as well as photos by Charles Sugg, Heather Addley, Arthur Stephens and a video by Doug Hayes.

Karen Sokhol, accordion player and writter was present and included us in her blog Accordion to Karen. Click HERE.

Onward... I know this is short notice but Pippin is performing with And the Wireman at The Listening Room, Tuesday, Sept. 21 , 7:30 till 10:30 PM. Also performing will be Paul Watson and former Richmond resident Blasco. Click HERE for more info.