Friday, January 31, 2014

Beer, Birthday's and Bromance!

We call him cupcake, because his voice is so cakey!

Happy Birthday Stevie Ray and Ron Lee!
Photos: Kari LaVeechia

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  1. Ron Lee is so honored to share a birthday with the illustrious Stevie Ray! In lieu of presents he asks that you give Stevie a really, really, really good time, because it is as you all know from ancient wisdom that it is much better to give than to receive, or it is in giving that you receive, or something like that. HLC lights up our lives!! Here is a short list of other notorious luminaries who have birthdate of Feb. 15: Connor Oberst
    Gloria Trevi, Christopher McDonald
    Claire Bloom
    Bill T. Jones
    Jake Lee
    Harvey Korman
    Alex Borstein
    Selita Ebanks
    Cyrus McCormick
    Cesar Romero
    Melissa Manchester
    Darrell Green
    Omarosa Manigault
    Alex Gonzalez
    Zachary Gordon
    Bryan Williams
    Galeleo Galilei
    Chris Farley
    Matt Groening
    Jane Seymour
    Susan B. Anthony
    Brandon Boyd
    So any of you know these folks and aware that they are going to be in RVA on Feb. 15, please them stop by Crossroads for the Stevie Ray Birthday Extravaganza, and of course Kate Bush is invited as well although it is not her birthday! Thanks Ron Lee