Sunday, January 2, 2011

a few of our favorite things from 2010

playing with Karen @ the Farmer's Market Southside (photo Jennifer Watson)

a gift from Steve Williams

we love House Parties

and Birthday Parties

and Chanukah Parties (photo John Shire)

and writing and recording music, coming soon... (design Jennifer Watson)

and performing with Khalima (photo Otway Chalkley)

marching with The Ululating Mummies (photo Catherine Farmer)

playing with Emily (photo Otway Chalkley)

and Bob

participating in the Musicircus (photo Amy Alt)

more parties!

Mom and Apple Pie and Fairies

recording and sharing our music (design Jennifer Watson)

playing with Jonathan and Harry (photo Aimee Oliver)

graduating VCU students with The Ululating Mummies

playing at the Crossroadster (photo Charles Sugg)

getting the whole gang together

performing @ Ellwood Thompsons great room (video Arthur Stephens)

playing at the Listening Room

bringing guests into the studio to record (video Christopher Hibbon)

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