Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sad and Happy

       HLC @ Ellwoods Coffee  Photo: Charles Sugg

It's sad to have the Folk Festival come to an end, but The Happy Lucky Combo will be tapping the music keg @ O'Toole's this week, Wednesday, October 14, from 8 till 10:30 PM. 

Thank you to everyone who came out last time at O'Toole's. It was a  wonderfully "spirited" carnivalesque crowd. Seemed like everyone won a prize. 
Bob Jacobs, the accordion player from Gypsy Roots sat in with us, and he was great. Emily Avesian also came by with her baritone to help fill out the Happy Lucky "big town  sound". 

And  thank you to the sophisticated Cafe crowd who came to hear us at Ellwoods Coffee. We've been invited back and will let you know more.

People are requesting more button accordion songs. We've added one more for this week. It's called "Beer".

And what a time we all at had the Richmond Folk Festival! Thanks to those who came by to see Pippin and I perform with The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra at the "Southside Stage".

And thank you  Venture Richmond and all the volunteers! The party's over... until Wednesday.

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