Monday, June 22, 2009

Southside Renaissance Blossoms

The Happy Lucky Combo plays this week, Wednesday, June 24 at O'Toole's. We will be joined by fellow Southsider John Winn and Emily Avesian.

It is rumored that Daniel Clark, fresh off his talk show tour with Mandy Moore, will join us on melodian

Last week we actually had a string section with Angela Lehman-Rios on cello and Miles Barnett on violin. Be sure you check out Angela's blog, "The People's Snob".

I guess that's all for now. We continue to talk with Will at Crossroads about doing music and a jingle for their new truck, the "Crossroadster".  We work on our album "Carnival of Sound". We play July 4th at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in the afternoon.

For your amusement please click HERE. (Stick with it. It's worth it.)

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