Monday, April 13, 2009

Spacious and Luxurious Party Room

photo Bill Eldridge

The Happy Lucky Combo will be @ O'Toole's this Wed., April 15. Happy Tax Day! 

We now play in the new "Party Room" where there is plenty of space to dance. 

Beth Stanford will be celebrating her Birthday with us this week.

Richard Grossman is planning his annual NCAA basketball pool party on April 29. 

 The prize cart will be stocked with cool prizes. Last week we gave away two brand new Easter outfits, and squid. 

There was a complaint about people not getting enough ants in their chocolate covered ants, so I  bought a bunch of crickets; barbeque, sour cream and onion, etc.

O'Toole's is a great place to have a party. Especially on Wednesday, you get a free band! On Wednesdays we've had birthday parties, wedding parties and class reunions (grade school). 

And don't forget, Wednesday is liver night @ O'Toole's.

1 comment:

  1. Dave Yohe looks different in this photo!!

    Also, no more chocholate covered ants... what a rip off, my prize had only ONE ant.