Monday, January 12, 2009

Liver, Chess and The Happy Lucky Combo

The big news is that The Happy Lucky Combo is back at O'Toole's on Wednesday evenings from 8 until 10:30 PM.

This Wednesday Nick Lewis will bring his clarinet and join us.

Remember Wednesday at O'Toole's is Liver Night, Chess Night and Happy Lucky Combo Night.

We have met with Irene Ziegler and are getting busy for our performance with Virginia Arts and Letters Live at The Empire Theatre on March 28. And to think, it was just a while back we were busking out on Broad Street.

Also we're working on lyrics. Consider yourself  forewarned. Our friend Micol is working on some in Russienglish. 

Meanwhile we're doing weddings, parties et al. We can play on short notice and our prices are reasonable. We're on a mission to provide live music to the masses!

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  1. Hire this band for your party. They are brilliant.