Saturday, January 31, 2009

Southside Scene Grows

Thank you Heidi for the photo at left. The Happy Lucky Combo is available for private parties. Live music for the masses!

 It was great to see so many people gather together @ O'Toole's last Wednesday for beer, food, music, chess and conversation. There was even dancing!

The Southside scene grows!

We'll be back this Wednesday for more of the same.
This week Miles Barnett will play a song with us on his violin. 

Richard thanks for putting us on the Hills and Heights blog.

Gudrun, I'm working on getting together a group for accordion lessons. Keep after me.

Pippin was declared the "Art Blakey of Richmond" in Brick this week. 

We play @ Gallery 5 this Friday Feb. 6,  8-9  PM It's free.

On Valentines Day we'll be part of The Richmond Symphonies'  "Music Marathon" @ Nordstroms.

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  1. First, Hooray about O'Toole's!

    Second, I too am going to keep on you about the accordian lessons.