Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Week in December

Welcome to the Happy Lucky Combo blog. 

This blog will serve as a weekly newsletter for the goings on of The Happy Lucky Combo, with sporadic musings by the accordion player, me.

RUMORED; The Happy Lucky Combo will not be performing at O'Toole's on Wednesdays in December, 2008.


John O'Toole has been gracious in supporting our weekly gig at his restaurant. Our goal was to help create a Southside Scene and it was a success. Thanks to everyone who came out, Southsiders and foreigners alike. Southside is going through a renaissance, in so many ways, and it has been good to feel like we're making a contribution.

We hope you will continue to patronize O'Toole's. It's a great neighborhood restaurant and pub. If you miss having us there please let John know.

We really do want to find a home, to hone our craft, build an audience and get ready for festival season. 

Any ideas for a venue?

Until then we'll be returning to Pippin's basement. It's two blocks from O'Toole's, just knock on the cellar door. We'll be working on recording, arrangements, new material and... vocals... that's scary!

RUMORED; The Happy lucky Combo will perform with Harry Kollatz @ The New York Deli, Thursday, December 11 @ 7:05 PM.


RUMORED; The Happy Lucky Combo will perform at the Visual Arts Center, Sunday, December 14, from 1:00 till 4:00 PM.


RUMORED: The Happy Lucky Combo will join featured musician Pippin Barnett and actress Irene Ziegler @ The Empire Theatre, March 28, 2009.


Good Luck


  1. First untrue truth.... I talked with
    John at O'Tooles and he would like us to play
    wed. dec. 10th.
    also the reason we could not play the following three wed. is that one is a party and they are closed the next two.
    He wants us to start back up in Jan. so here we go!

  2. NO O'TOOLE's SHOW TONIGHT? I'm bummed.